selected minds.

Our belief at Selected Minds is simple:

The core of a successful company are the right employees.

Really good recruiting.

With our tailor-made solutions in the areas of recruiting, relocation and academy, we help our customers identify, attract and retain the right employees in the long term - nationally and internationally.

We have a team of experts who share a common passion for recruiting. Each individual has a deep understanding of the markets and is characterized by a diverse combination of industry knowledge and specialized expertise. Customers and candidates appreciate this combination because we communicate with them on an equal level.

In our work, we rely on innovative tools and platforms to optimize and accelerate the recruiting process. By using AI-powered analysis methods and advanced software, we not only maximize the efficiency of our search, but also continually improve the quality of our work. Because we firmly believe that the correct use of digital tools can create a decisive competitive advantage in recruiting - and that is our goal for each of our customers.

Our customers include startups, medium-sized companies, agencies and established corporations that have recognized the importance of having the right employees for their success. We support all of them in the sustainable development and expansion of their teams.