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Would you like to give your team members a stress-free relocation and at the same time score points in the competition for talent?

Relocation Service

The process of hiring, relocating and integrating new employees from abroad is complex, bureaucratic, time-consuming and can be daunting for skilled workers. This makes it all the more important for candidates to realise during the application process that they have a trustworthy partner at their side who will ensure a smooth relocation.


With our relocation service and all-round carefree concept, we help companies to increase their attractiveness as an employer, ensure a smooth relocation and retain their employees in the long term.

Our clients and candidates appreciate our holistic support concept. This is because we take care of all the issues that a relocation to Germany entails. Our aim is to ensure that the new employee feels at home right from the start and that nothing stands in the way of a successful and legal start to work.


With our relocation service
we support you with:

Entry and residence

Organising entry and visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits

Accommodation and relocation

Finding and viewing an accommodation and relocation

Insurance and taxes

Obtaining statutory health and pension insurance, tax and tax identification number and organising other insurances

Citizen service

Residents' registration office, application for child benefit, recognition of driving license, registration of motor vehicles, registration of pets, recognition of marriage certificates, opening bank accounts etc.

Family business

Support in finding a kindergarten and school; applying for child benefit etc.

Why should companies offer a relocation service
to new employees?

Increase attractiveness

A comprehensive relocation service demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of your employees and underlines your values as an employer. This makes companies even more attractive to top talent.

Attract international talent

Expand your candidate pool to international markets. Our service attracts professionals from all over the world and enables organisations to benefit from a diverse and international workforce.

Faster integration

We help new employees to settle into their new environment quickly. As a result, they are productive more quickly and contribute directly to the company's success.

Lower staff turnover

Employees who feel comfortable and welcome in their new city tend to stay with their company for longer. This reduces staff turnover rates and saves companies money in the long term.